Amoeba PPT Guideline

Last updated September 3, 2021
The layout contains the forms, positioning and the placeholder box for all contents shown on the slide.
It serves as an art container for all contents, including titles, the text, tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, pictures, videos, and sound.

Various columns can be applied to the same grid. It is necessary to adjust them carefully not to be excessively static or disordered.

Flow line
The visual baseline is an imaginary horizontal line existing at the highest column of the text placed on the ground.
This imaginary straight line leads the layout of ground design to support the visual alignment and determines the unity to unify several
consecutive pages in the visual system.
Breathe and Emphasis
It is necessary to create visual pauses between elements where eyes can rest, helping people distinguish the importance or priority of elements,
for a neat and accessible layout.

It is necessary to reduce visual fatigue through applying the text density and image proportion (16:9).

When all the gaps and weights fill one another and the image proportion is used arbitrarily, the eyes get tired.

Contrast can emphasize the visual energy of two elements through differences of the text and title.
The hierarchical structure means the hierarchical structure of the configuration of visually presented contents.
It is possible to more easily understand and approach complex information systems using the hierarchical structure.

Regarding the process to acquire information, the hierarchical relation
of each of the elements should be established differentially without conflicts
so that the elements dominate others or are subordinated to others.