Amoeba PPT Guideline

Last updated September 3, 2021
Company's assets
They provide information about the basic company status and data. The information is conveyed intuitively using various charts and the company identity, instead of simply listing company information.
Key Figure
The company information, including years/ persons/ projects/ job characteristics, is listed in a step-by-step ascending diagram. It is possible to describe positive effects through composing graphics which are simple but advance step by step.
The history of the company is listed in chronological order by year from the year of the founding till the present. It is possible to understand job characteristics of the company and clients by mentioning projects which have become issues or are important. The company history is organized to be easily updated continuously.
The clients are listed using the alphabet to be easily searched even with the representative alphabet. They are shown on the same screen by making a simple grid to be expanded easily.
The internal work structure and personnel of the company are quantitatively organized. The company can be easily expanded and changed by the change in company structure even within a graphic, and it is possible to know the internal structure of the company at a glance only with the graphic without looking at the numbers.